Utilities - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Water & Utilities

Remote control systems for infrastructures, water networks and critical points

Monitor in real-time your infrastructures, water networks and critical points

Utilities companies need to control environmental and structural parameters that, until very recently, could only be measured with systems that required large civil works, long cables or solutions with high environmental impact..

The KUNAK UTILITIES systems monitor environmental parameters and critical points in real-time, allowing to manage and remotely control infrastructures and water, gas, energy and mine resources in an intelligent and efficient way. Wireless devices, with great autonomy, with long-range communications (> 30km) that guarantee information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in isolated, remote and complex environments; allowing control and remote management from any ERP, SCADA or Kunak Cloud.


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Rápida instalación y mantenimiento

Quick installation and easy maintenance

No works, no cables.

Comunicaciones de largo alcance

Long range
bi-directional communications

> 30 km

Ultra bajo consumo y autonomía

Ultra low enery consumption

With batteries and solar panel

Larga vida de los equipos

Long life equipment

> 10 years


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Kunak Cloud

Software for advanced control and monitoring

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KUNAK CLOUD is a proprietary software control platform that stores, processes, analyzes and exports in real-time information from any device. An advanced control panel prepared for big data, multiparameter analysis and remote configuration of equipment.

Main functions:

  • Configuring data reading and  transfer periods, thresholds, alarms.
  • Managing user profiles.
  • Geo-positioning equipment and provide remote control.
  • Configuring one or more computers at the same time..
  • Generating data and multiparameter graphics.
  • Receive the information via Cellular Networks or LPWAN in the very front end.
  • Secure Open API to integrate the information into applications, Scadas, and OPCs.
  • Available in Kunak®Watcher, APP Mobile version for Android and IOS.