Servitization - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems


OEM systems through embedded PCBs for the development of smart products

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Manufacturing companies, in addition to manufacturing products, are beginning to base their competitiveness on the creation of services and value-added solutions designed for their customers. This servitization consists of the adoption of new technologies to get to know the customer better in order to offer them perceived high value services that enhance their business capacity, such as metered billing, per service, per hours of use, per supply of consumables, etc.

The Kunak K-M00 solution allows to easily connect any machine or electronic device through integrable PCBs that capture the equipment’s information and send it to the Kunak Cloud, to the Web or to the client’s SCADA in real-time. They allow the monitoring and management of machines remotely, to identify them, to generate statistics, configure alerts, create user profiles, manage their lifecycle and to configure them remotely both individually or all at once with a single action.

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