Remote maintenance - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Remote maintenance

OEM systems for remote monitoring and control

Manage your machines in real-time

Machinery manufacturers need connectivity solutions that allow them to know, in as much detail as possible, the type and nature of each incident before allocating maintenance resources, for several fundamental reasons: on the one hand, to make work easier for the  staff and, on the other, to provide a better quality of service and improve the experience of their clients. Additionally, this also helps to lower their own costs, reducing the number and duration of travel time.

The Kunak K-M00 allows to easily connect any machine or electronic device through integrable PCBs that capture the equipment’s information and send it to Kunak Cloud, to the Website or to the client’s SCADA in real-time. They allow the remote monitoring and management of machines, help to understand the equipment’s condition, geolocation and to act on them either individually or all at the same time with a single action.

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