Smart products - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Smart Products

Embeddable IIOT OEM solution for smart product development and remote management

Develop advanced products, services and solutions for your best customers

Machinery 4.0 manufacturers need to know the real use that their customers and users make of their products, to focus their R&D on creating high value products and services that help them capture and retain an increasingly demanding customer.

The Kunak OEM solutions allow to connect any machine or electronic device by integrable PCBs with embedded communications that capture and send equipment information in real-time to Kunak Cloud, ERP or the customer’s SCADA. They make possible to monitor and manage the equipment remotely, geo-locate it, generate consumption statistics, configure alerts, impact alarms, carry out a preventive management of the life cycle, create different user profiles and act on the equipment, both on individual machines or on all devices at once, with a single operation.



Integrable OEM/PCB

With embedded communications

Fast installation

Without programming

Assets Telecontrol

Life status, incident management, remote maintenance

Services and integration

User profiles, advanced information, integration on ERP and SCADAs


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Each manufacturer requires a specific solution. At Kunak we help you capture the information and data from your machines that you need and manage them remotely, so you can operate your business in the most efficient way.

Kunak Cloud

Software for advanced remote management and control

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KUNAK CLOUD is a proprietary software control platform, which, together with the Kunak M00 solution, captures, processes, analyses and exports information from any machine in real-time. An advanced control panel prepared for big data, multi-parameter analysis, maintenance and remote configuration of equipment.

Main functions:

  • Geo-positioning and remote control of equipment.
  • Manage different user profiles.
  • Configure one or more devices at the same time.
  • Configure read, send, set thresholds and alarms periods.
  • Generate data and multi-parameter graphics.
  • Receive the information via Cellular Networks or LPWAN at the very front end.
  • Secure Open API to integrate the information on Scadas, applications and OPCs.
  • Available in Kunak®Watcher, Mobile APP version for Android and IOS.