Mobile monitoring - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Mobile monitoring

Air quality onboard mobile monitoring systems for buses, taxis and public vehicles from the Cloud

Mobile air quality monitoring

Cities need to ensure the quality of life of their citizens in order to remain attractive places for social and economic activities. New IoT technologies enable the capturing of a multitude of air quality parameters in real-time, by employing mobile monitoring systems, so that there is an awareness of what is happening anywhere in the city, in any scenario and at any time of the day or year.

Kunak Environment 4.0 onboard systems are specifically created to enable mobile monitoring of ambient air quality, from vehicles such as city buses, taxis, police cars, fire engines, etc. This allows creating maps with dynamic information, and even anticipate episodes of high pollution in environments as complex as cities. Thanks to the KunakⓇCloud Platform there is early knowledge of what is happening in the city to help implement preventive plans and create strategies for sustainable mobility.

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