Monitoring edusi - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Air quality and noise – EDUSI

Monitoring System for Emissions, Air quality and Noise indicators with capture of key indicators data

Air Quality and Noise indicators to justifiy your EDUSI project

The ISUD (Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy) projects seeks to catalogue a specific city as a Smart City or Reduce Pollution in a certain area. This often requires the deployment of sensor networks to monitor air quality and noise indicators, own communications, create management platforms or mobile applications that enable the disclosure of the data obtained, and thus guarantee “Open Government”.

The Kunak Environment 4.0 systems enable the obtaining of those EDUSI indicators required by the ERDF Funds, aiding in the justification of actions and providing citizens easy access to quality information through the council website or Smart City platform.

EDUSI indicators we help to measure:

R044E and R044J – Greenhouse gases
R044F – Air quality index
R044Q – CO2 emissions
R066F – Average value of PM 2.5 (Mg/m3)
R066K – Atmospheric environment quality (μg/m3)

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