Smart environment - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Smart Environment

Air quality and environmental noise monitoring systems to protect people and the environment

Information about air quality, noise pollution and emissions for smart city, industry and the environment

Cities and businesses need reliable, real-time information about air quality, noise pollution and industrial emissions to both guarantee their citizens’ quality of life and to protect the environment.

KUNAK SMART ENVIRONMENT systems monitor Air Quality, Industrial Emissions, Noise Pollution and other environmental factors through fast-deploying wireless devices, providing high-value information for decision making, with excellent precision and at a cost that is 30 times lower than with other methods of reference.






Rápida instalación y mantenimiento

Quick installation
Easy maintenance

No works required.

Software avanzado

Advanced Software

Multivariable analysis and remote calibration.

Alta precisión

High precision

> 0.9 R2 with reference stations.

Integración en plataformas Smart City

Integration onto Smart City platforms

For a strategic city management.


Let’s talk

Each problem requires a concrete solution. We at Kunak will help you define and obtain the information you need, integrating it into your system easily, quickly and securely.

Data Quality

Kunak devices offer high-quality data, providing very good correlations with official stations and reference equipment. They come pre-calibrated and can be remotely calibrated in a simple and user-friendly manner through KunakCloud.

Trials & Tests

Kunak Air Cloud

Advanced web platform for air quality network amanagement and noise levels analysis

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Kunak AIR Cloud is a specific software for air quality that stores, processes, analyzes and exports in real-time information collected from any sensor.  An advanced control panel prepared for big data, multiparameter analysis, configuration and remote calibration of equipment.

Main functions:

  • Obtaining AQI (air quality indexes).
  • Automatic invalidation of data.
  • Generating multiparametric and advanced OpenAir graphs: pollution rose, heatmaps, time variation, calendar plot …
  • Configuring data reading and sending schedules, thresholds, alarms.
  • Managing user profiles.
  • Geo-positioning of equipment and remote calibration.
  • Integrating the information onto any Web or Smart City platform.
  • Multi-device (mobile, tablet, pc…)