Wireless control of critical points via lpwan radio and gprs for water channels - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Acciona Energy Wireless control via LPWAN Radio and GPRS for Water Canals

Design and Implementation of a Long Range Autonomous Wireless Critical System and its Application in Remote Hydroelectrical Infrastructure (Water Canals) for Risk Prevention and Hazards in Case of Hydraulic CanalsBreaks.

The problem

Acciona Energy is requiring a solution to control more than 300km of hydroelectrical infrastructure in 76 hydroelectrical plants (with 876MW total power) for risk and hazards prevention in case of hydraulic canals breaks. It is necessary to find a solution for fast canals breaks detection; reducing their consequences, minimizing canals affections or even predicting the breakages. This will help develop best practices in maintenance of hydroelectrical infrastructures.

Our solution

Development of a water channel monitoring system in the cloud using an energy-efficient wireless sensor network for critical point monitoring and water leak detection. It includes hardware, telecommunications and management intelligence programming for channels with and without GPRS coverage through radio link points, which serves as a model to replicate in the rest of channels without GPRS coverage.

  • Coverage study for radio transmission.
  • Pressure level sensors with temperature correction and atmospheric pressure measurement of the sensor.
  • Electronic equipment to receive level signal from the sensor and send it via radio or GPRS to the Internet.
  • Parameterization of the Software and personalization of the visualization in Kunak Cloud.
  • Watertight cabinets, masts and battery recharging solar panel.


  • Monitoring of water level, volume and flow of the canal section.
  • Recording of volume flow alarms for possible partial obstruction, partial obstruction, possible partial breakage, partial breakage and minimum maintenance volume flow alarms.
  • Mail alerts to a number of users.

You can download the Complete Paper DOI: 10.5162/ettc2018/11.3 published by the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement HERE

Customer: Acciona Energy

User: Acciona Energy

Location: Pyrenees (Spain)

Environment: High mountain

Year: 2016

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