Oem pcb connectivity for automatic coffee grinders - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Markibar OEM PCB Connectivity for Automatic Coffee Grinders

We developed an integrated OEM PCB solution for the manufacture of connected catering machines. It monitors in real time the status and location of the equipment, allows the remote configuration of one or several machines parameters at the same time and the management of different users profiles.

The problem

Markibar needed to develop a connected version of their coffee grinders to monitor and manage their machines remotely, geo-locate them, perform consumption and performance statistics and make a proactive life cycle management.

Our solution

We developed the K-M00 solution, consisting of the electronic design and manufacture of integrable OEM PCBs with GPRS communications and Kunak Cloud management platform, for receiving and processing of the obtained data and the remote control and configuration of coffee mills. It included the hardware, the worldwide telecommunications and the programming of the management intelligence to replicate in the rest of Markibar’s equipment.

  • Kunak K-M00 with 6 Inputs/Outputs (Digital, Modbus RTU RS485), Bi directional GPRS Communications.
  • Parameterization of Cloud Software for advanced data storage and analysis and remote configuration of equipment.
  • Secure HTTPS communications.


  • Geolocation.
  • Information in tabular and graphical format.
  • Remote configuration and operation.
  • Multiparametric and multidevice configuration.
  • Equipment’s warnings and alarms configuration and sending.
  • File export.
  • User management.

Customer: Markibar

User: Horeca companies

Location: Professional products for hotel and catering industry

Environment: Product manufacturing

Year: 2018

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