Mv cells monitoring in wind farms - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Ormazabal (Velatia) MV cells monitoring in wind farms

Monitoring system with embedded communications for Medium Voltage cells in wind turbines, for the supervision of transformation centres in wind farms.

The need

Monitor Ormazabal’s Medium Voltage equipment installed in wind turbines located in remote or difficult-to-access areas, in order to reduce the number of trips in the supervision works of the wind farm status. The aim is to show faults in the Medium Voltage network, obtain indicators and act remotely on the opening of the cell switch.

Our solution

K101 devices supply with GPRS communications and remote control from the cloud for its integration with Ormazabal’s solutions for wind farms, consisting of cells and electronic protection and control units.

The equipment has 6 Inputs/Outputs, GPRS communications and configurator software. It includes hardware, telecommunications and management intelligence programming.

  • Kunak K101 with 6 Inputs/Outputs: Digital, Modbus RTU RS485, Current and relay voltage monitoring. Bi-directional GPRS communications for acting on the relay (On/Off).
  • Software configurator included.
  • Software parameterization and display customization in Kunak Cloud.


  • Monitoring of intensity at the wind turbine output.
  • Remote opening of the cell switch.
  • Warnings and alarms sending of the device status.
  • History of Medium Voltage faults.
  • Device’s health status and remote configuration of thresholds or alerts.

Customer: Ormazabal (

User: Ormazabal

Location: Wind farms

Environment: Remote Installations

Year: 2018

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