Level detection at river gauge stations - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

SICE / CHEBRO Level detection at river gauge stations

The system integrator SICE engineering, which installs and maintains the Automatic Hydrological Information System (SAIH) of the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation with more than 900 RTU (Remote Terminal Units) and a remote control SCADA, needed to monitor continuously the river floods at strategic points in various rivers and canals of the Ebro basin.

The problem

In one of the river areas, with the highest flow in the country, it was necessary to control level increases in some areas that are in occasions completely flooded. Therefore, the devices had to be prepared to be flooded while monitoring and sending the data. It was also necessary to configure the system for the data integration in CHE’s SCADA platform.

Our solution

Deployment of Kunak K112 outdoor equipment for remote control, river level monitoring and alarm configuration. Prepared for immersion, they receive the level signal from the sounding and from other analog and digital sensors and send it to the Internet via GPRS. A customised software parameterisation was also carried out to send the data to the client’s SCADA, providing a complete solution from the sensor to the cloud.

  • Coverage study for GPRS transmission.
  • K-112 GPRS remote devices, 6 I/O, for outdoors, with immersion protection (IP68).
  • Pressure level sounders with temperature correction and atmospheric pressure measurement of the sounding.
  • Software parameterization for SCADA integration via API Rest.
  • Watertight cabinets, masts and solar panel for battery recharging.


  • Water level monitoring with different technology sensors (piezometers, radars and pluviometers).
  • Estimation of the flow rate based on the water level.
  • Remote control of a critical system from the SCADA.

Customer: SICE

User: Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (Spain)

Location: Ebro river basin

Environment: Countryside

Year: 2017

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