Sensefields Environmental monitoring for intelligent traffic solution

Development in collaboration with Sensefields of a high-performance combined system for the optimization of traffic lights according to traffic congestion and environmental pollution. It monitors parameters such as CO, NO2, O3, NO, PM1, PM2,5, PM10 and Noise and sends the information to Kunak®Cloud, an advanced platform for mutivariable analysis and remote management and calibration of equipment.

The problem

Sensefields needed to incorporate air quality, particles and noise sensors to its ECO-AFORO* system for the city of Puebla, Mexico.

Eco-Aforo is a unique IoT solution in the market, which combines and analyzes in real time the simultaneous detection of vehicle flow and traffic concentrations at critical points, with air quality, particles and noise data.

Our solution

We developed for Sensefields, a specific solution of Kunak AIR and NOISE for the monitoring of gases (CO, NO2, O3, NO), particles (PM1, PM2.5, PM10 um) and noise with RS-232 communications for integration into the ECO-AFORO system.

  • Supply of 2 Kunak AIR A10/P10 and Kunak NOISE N10 units for gases (CO, NO2, O3, NO), particles (PM1, PM2.5, PM10 um) and Noise (dB) monitoring.
  • RS-232 communications.
  • Integration in the ECO-AFORO* system, own product of Sensefields S.L., installed in the streets c/ Fleming and C/ Parque Lineal, of the city of Puebla, Mexico.


Integrated environmental monitoring solution for intelligent traffic management based on air quality:

  • Intelligent traffic management based on congestion and air pollution.
  • Detection of pollution increasing episodes.
  • Real-time alarms, alerts and statistics system.
  • Remote management and calibration of equipment.
  • Advanced multivariable and multi-parameter analysis with high quality and reliable data and high correlations with official stations and reference equipment.

Customer: Sensefields

User: Sistema ECO-AFORO

Location: Ciudad de Puebla, México

Environment: Urbano, centro ciudad

Year: 2016

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