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Brazil Iron Mineração LTDA Dust and particulate matter monitoring network in mining industry


The core business of Brazil Iron Mineração LTDA, located in Piatã, Bahia (Brazil) is mainly the production and trade of iron ore as well as the manganese exploration. So, in need of having control over dust and suspended particles originating from the extraction activities and minerals processing, the company decided to deploy an air quality monitoring network to detect and prevent unsafe conditions nearby populations.

In this context and as part of its social and environmental policy to preserve the good ambient quality of the different communities proximate to the extraction sites, it became necessary to monitor the presence of particles in the air in order to identify emissions and mitigate the impact of the mining activities over the well-being of the population.

The air quality monitoring network deployed has made it possible to record the parameters of interest in order to alert the network operators when any of them exceed the limit values through a diagnosis and supervision system and thus help decision-making.


Deployment of two Kunak AIR Pro stations and wind sensors powered by solar panels to control dust and particulate matter in the air in continuous and real-time monitoring, enabling the company to identify the potential impact generated by mining activity.

Network characteristics:

  • Kunak AIR Pro stations plus met sensors that record weather conditions.
  • Kunak Cloud platform for remote management of the network and analysis and exploitation of the collected data.

Measurement parameters:

  • PM1, PM2.5, PM10, PM4, Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSP) and Total Particulate Counter (TPC).
  • Temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.
  • Wind speed and direction.


  • Residence near the Mocó mine.
  • Bocaina community school.


To provide accurate and reliable data in mining activities and contribute to the identification of critical periods during the extractions processes.

Customer: Brazil Iron Mineração LTDA

User: Brazil Iron Mineração LTDA

Location: Piatã, Bahía, Brazil

Environment: Industry

Year: 2022

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