Digitalisation processes services cadiz bay port authority - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Cadiz Bay Port Authority (APBC) Digitalisation of processes and services of Cadiz Bay Port Authority

Need for digitalisation of processes:

The Cadiz Bay Port Authority saw the need to promote the digitalisation in its own processes and services.

To this end, the APBC launched the call for “Technical Assistance for the Development and Implementation of the Technology Master Plan within the Framework of processes and services digitalisation of Cadiz Bay Port Authority”, of which EMETEL SISTEMAS S.L. won the contract. Solutions of Kunak Technologies were hired to provide environmental measurement services, specifically the monitoring of pollutant and atmospheric parameters for environmental control in port activities.

This allows real-time monitoring of air quality and noise in the Bay of Cadiz, enabling the detection of critical points and the potential causes of these problems, being able to propose more objective and specific measures for each situation, and influence the improvement of the air quality breathed by the residents and the noise nuisance they may be suffering.


Deployment of a monitoring network using 4 Kunak AIR Pro stations, powered by a solar panel, for total autonomy, possible to be used for different awareness campaigns as required.

Currently, the APBC only had one official air quality station. The 4 monitoring stations act as a complementary network of the information provided by the reference station, providing more local information and extending the monitoring area.


  • Barriada Río San Pedro
  • Cabezuela I (Puerto Real)
  • Cabezuela II (Puerto Real)
  • Viento Levante

At these points, parameters such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter are measured continuously. They also include a wind speed and direction sensor that allows detecting the source of emissions of the different pollutants to be analysed.

Network characteristics:

Devices: 4 Kunak AIR Pro stations + sound level meters + anemometers.

Measurement parameters:

  • NO2 (nitrogen dioxide); O3 (ozone); CO (carbon monoxide); CO2 (carbon dioxide) y COVs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Particulate Matter PM10, PM2.5 y PM1.
  • Noise Level.
  • Temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.
  • Wind speed and direction.

Actions carried out:

  • Deployment of a sensor network with embedded wireless communications during the 4 years of the project.
  • Sending real-time data on diffuse emissions generated in the port area.
  • Kunak Cloud platform for operational management and maintenance of the sensor network.
  • Data analysis for the implementation of improvement and mitigation plans or actions.


Obtaining greater spatial resolution from real-time monitoring of pollution, noise and environmental parameter, allowing to control port activities and identify those with the greatest impact or critical points, and acting on them.

To this end, an operational alarms systems, threshold exceedance alerts and real-time statistics are available. As well as an advanced analysis system of the monitored data, in order to make based-decisions.

Customer: Emetel

User: Cadiz Bay Port Authority

Location: Port of the Bay of Cadiz

Environment: Ports

Year: 2022

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