Diffuse emissions odours arazuri wwtp - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

MCP - Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona Study of diffuse emissions at the Arazuri WWTP

The Arazuri wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), managed by the Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona, expressed their interest in knowing the critical points where odour episodes could occur due to high levels of H2S.

For some months now, we have been collaborating with the managing body of the wastewater treatment plant to implement a system for measuring environmental variables, improve decision-making and reduce the impact that bad odours can have on the nearest dwellings (< 1 km).

To this end, a study was carried out in different locations using an air quality monitoring system capable of detecting diffuse emissions of gases such as H2S, which allowed them to act accordingly, avoiding possible odour episodes and establishing the most appropriate arrangement of the sensor network based on the areas with the greatest potential for odour problems.


  • Early detection system for possible odour episodes.
  • Warning system to aid decision making to limit effects.
  • Protection against bad smells to nearby populations.


  • To evaluate H2S emissions in the different parts of the scrubbing process, identifying possible critical points and optimal measurement locations.
  • To analyse which technologies are the most suitable for monitoring.

Our solution

Supply of the Kunak AIR system equipped with an H2S sensor, plus an anemometer to monitor wind direction and speed in real-time.

The recorded data will be visualised and analysed from the Kunak Cloud platform.

Actions carried out:

  • Embedded wireless communications (GPRS).
  • Monitoring of emissions to detect possible diffuse emissions and odour episodes.
  • Alert system with detection of pre-established thresholds being exceeded.
  • Data analysis for validation of the solution, detection of critical points and optimal locations.
  • Kunak Cloud platform for operational management and data analysis of the monitoring network.


Development and validation of an environmental monitoring solution with the following functionalities:

  • Early detection of odour episodes with a real-time alert system at the Arazuri WWTP.
  • Validation of the solution for H2S monitoring with ranges between 0 and 2,000 ppb.
  • Definition of the optimum locations for monitoring pollution episodes (perimeter ring, raw water inlet and sludge treatment area).
  • Generation of periodic reports.

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Customer: MCP - Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona

User: MCP - Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona

Location: Arazuri

Environment: Industrial perimeter

Year: 2020

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