Private data server - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Kunak On Premises Private data Server

Installable private data server in ERP, SCADA, CMMS, CRM or MES

Kunak On Premises is an installable communications server for the VPN transmission of 100% reliable and real information coming directly from the sensors and its integration into the Client’s management systems, whether ERP, SCADA, CMMS or MES. It allows the export of data in any format JSON, CSV, TXT, XML, OPC, OPC UA or any other custom.

  • Java Communications Server
  • MySQL database for temporary or permanent storage and queuing of configurations
  • Bi-directional communications enabling remote firmware configurations and upgrades
  • Reliable communications that guarantee the final delivery of information
  • Efficient proprietary protocol for reduced battery and mobile data consumption
  • Easy installation: just need a JVM and MySQL
  • Easy integration with SCADA systems via ODBC/OPC
  • Data privacy along the entire communications chain
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