Kunak API Connectors & Integration

Easily integrate information into any Web, ERP, or SCADA

Kunak API is a powerful interconnection system with Kunak Cloud that enables customers to deploy their own solutions, tools and applications for visualization and management, extract information and incorporate it into their software or management system and programmatically access to all the functionalities of our advanced platform for sensors management. It interacts programmatically with the Kunak Cloud platform, automating processes such as the extraction of readings, alerts or device configuration. It also makes possible the development of proprietary data visualization and processing tools, the creation of automated systems whose operation depends on the captured data and the interaction with third-party systems, applications, services and devices.

  • JSON format for inputs and outputs
  • Limit of calls adapted to each solution
  • Limited outputs in size for rapid response on any network
  • Allows data to be exported to other systems for processing with other sources
  • Support from Kunak Cloud as main management platform, data backup and configuration tool
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