Indoors 2g 4g lte nb iot datalogger - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

Kunak K101 Indoor Datalogger 2G/NB-IoT/LTE

Monitor and control any analogue or digital sensor from your ERP, SCADA or Cloud

The Datalogger K-101 is a Plug & Play solution that allows remote data measuring from any analogue, digital or Modbus sensor, sending real-time information from the device to Kunak Cloud, to the client´s ERP or SCADA, all with very low energy consumption levels and numerous remote configuration possibilities. In just a few steps, the information from the Indoor Datalogger 2G/NB-IoT/LTE will be accessible from Kunak Cloud or On-Premises through a Private Data Server, a powerful platform on the cloud where all the information, alarms, thresholds and remote configuration capabilities are available using the web interface, an App for Smartphones or the Open API.

Applications: Telecontrol of drinking and residual water networks, Energy infrastructures, Industrial TelecontrolRemote asset control, In-plant data capture, Tanks and reservoir control.

  • Plug&Play remote monitoring solution.
  • Integration on Kunak Cloud or On-Premises with the Private Data Server.
  • Very low battery consumption. (<µA in sleep mode).
  • Analogue, digital and Modbus inputs and outputs.
  • 2 independent power supplies for the sensors.
  • Internal sensors for battery, signal level and temperature.
  • Remote configuration of alarms, thresholds, parameter calibration, data readings and transmission periods.
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  • PLUG & PLAY solution.
  • Rapid deployment and non-invasive installation.
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.
  • Easily configurable, without programming.
  • Small and lightweight (<20cm, <2Kg)


  • Long lifespan equipment (> 10 years)
  • Ultra-low consumption.
  • Broad temperature range: -35 to + 80ºC
  • Immune to noise and interference.
  • Robust and waterproof IP67 housing


  • Information 24/7.
  • From Cloud or On-Premises.
  • Functions: Incident management, user configuration, thresholds, alarms and generate data and multi-parameter graphics, etc.
  • Remote actions.
  • File export.


  • Configuration software
  • Installable On-Premises compatible with OPC servers.
  • Custom algorithms and logics.
  • Open API and connectors.
  • Personalized Dashboard.


Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption Sleep Mode Primary Battery < 27.5 µA @ 7.2VDC (while sampling digital inputs)
Rechargeable < 50 µA @ 3.7 VDC (while sampling digital inputs)
Active Mode Each GPRS transmission <1 mAh @ 3.7 VDC
Power Supplies Sensors1 Main Power Supply 3 or 5 VDC  @ 200 mA
Secondary Power Supply 5 VDC @ 200 mA, 12 Vdc @ 60 mA or 19 Vdc @ 50mA
Node Primary Batteries or External Power Suply 5-24 VDC2
Rechargeable 3 (Li-Ion and Li-polymer) Charger Input Voltage From 5 to 17 VDC @2A max.
Voltage Range 3.4 – 4.2 VDC
Internal Memory 4Mbits (> 46.500 data points + time stamp). Other options upon request
Real Time Clock Two independent RTC for time management. Automatic synchronization.
Operating Temperature Range -35 C to +80 C

Input Channels

Analog 4
(12 bits resolution)
Current Range 4 – 20 mA
Input impedance 249 Ohms
Voltage5 0 – 10 VDC
Digital6 Pulse Counter Minimum pulse width: 500 us
Frecuency Meter
0 Hz – 4 kHz (  Hz)
Frequency Meter
0 Hz – 4 kHz (±1Hz)
Open/Close State Minimum pulse width: 1 sec

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 87 x 57 x 36 mm
Dimensions including external connectors 100 x 60 x 55 mm
Weight < 150 g
Material ABS Plastic
Color Black RAL 7011
Ingress Protection IP54


Technologies Transmission Quad-Band GPRS Class 12
Configuration Micro USB 2.0
Antenna 7 MCX-Female connector
Additional Characteristics
Temperature Sensor Resolution 12 bits
Accuracy ± 1 C (from -40 C to 125 C)
LED Indicators For configuration and status assistance.
GPRS Data Plan 15 or 100 MB data plans, with private IP and private APN to enhance security.

Included within Kunak®Cloud services.

Firmware Features

Scheduling Sampling Local and remote scheduling at intervals between 10 seconds and 6 hours.
Sending Uploading period to the cloud from 1 minute to 1 day.
Configurable Working Mode Normal Mode The node takes readings every sampling period, stores them and sends them to the cloud every uploading period
Power Safe Mode8 The node takes readings every sampling period, and sends only the average to Kunak®Cloud every uploading period.
Thresholds and Alarms Battery, signal, temperature and any input channel measured have maximum, minimum or asynchronous open/close state configurable thresholds via Kunak®Cloud. If a threshold is exceeded, it immediately triggers an alarm status to the cloud with the data measured since the last sending period (or just the averages in Power Safe Mode) and the overcome value. This feature is available in both the Normal and Power Safe Mode.
Notifications Email notifications are available when configured via Kunak®Cloud.
Smartphone and tablet notifications via Kunak®Watcher.

Most of the parameters can be customized. For any specific requirements contact

[1] Configurable pre-heating time to reduce power leakage to the sensors. Higher current power supplies options available: 5 V @ 450 mA, 12 V @ 220 mA or 24 V @ 100 mA.

[2] Primary batteries or external power supply up to 42 Vdc is also available under request.

[3] Power path management available. The power path feature allows powering the system from a high efficiency DC to DC converter while simultaneously and independently charging the batteryThis enhances battery life.

[4] Analog input type has to be indicated following the ordering info section.

[5] (-10 – 0), (-10 – +10) and (0 – +5 V) voltage analog input configurations available.

[6] Voltage digital input type also available, for pulse counter, frequencymeter and open/close state applications.

[7] Detachable antenna. Other options under request.

[8] Very useful working mode to reduce power consumption and the amount of data transmitted while maintaining the control over any parameter or event checking the thresholds configured. This operating mode allows configuring higher sending periods and knowing just the average behavior of any parameter, while the thresholds are checked every sampling period for the analog and digital sensors (pulse counters and frequency meters) or when asynchronous open/close state is triggered (at any time).




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