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Kunak Cloud, What is it?

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Professional software
for the remote management of
air quality networks and noise analysis

Kunak Cloud is a web platform that completes the Kunak AIR Pro vertical solution for Air Quality management, taking data from the sensor to the cloud.

This software makes possible to quickly and easily use the data obtained by Kunak monitoring systems and other external sources.

The Kunak Cloud platform meets all the management, operation, validation, calibration, and analysis needed in typical air quality monitoring projects.

Kunak Cloud facilitates the work of the maintenance technician, the operator, and the analyst, merging all functions in a single visual and intuitive platform that facilitates the decision-making process.

What is Kunak Cloud?

Our web-based air quality monitoring software, Kunak Cloud, helps environmental professionals to understand and use air quality data to facilitate decision making. Thanks to our bidirectional software, Kunak Cloud offers professionals a new way to manage remotely sensor networks:

  • The simple configuration of the devices
  • Easy management of alarms and warnings
  • Quick calibration of the system

Kunak Cloud is designed to facilitate user account management, network maintenance, data validation, analysis and reporting, ensuring customer satisfaction thanks to its scalability and integration with other platforms through its simple API Rest.

Human centred

Service oriented

Decision making

Easy to set up

Easy to use

Easy to share

Reliable & Secure


Best support

How is it structured and how is it contracted?

This platform is structured in such a way that you can manage your users or even your clients.

First, you need to know what kind of organisation you are, then, choose which type or types of users are going to use this platform and, finally, decide which tools you are going to need to get the most out of your devices. These tools are organised into three recruitment packages adapted to the different uses.

What kind of organisation are you?

There are three levels/types of organisations, manufacturers, integrators and clients. Depending on your case, you can create different types of organisations below your level.

  • Level 1: The manufacturer is the one who integrates our device into other products or a Master Distributor from another continent.
  • Level 2: The integrator is the one who uses our device to carry out projects for their different end clients.
  • Level 3: The final client is the one who will make a final use of our devices.

How many and what kind of users do you need?


User who will be in charge of the account (it is strictly necessary to have one Admin for each organization)


User who will be able to use all the possibilities of the selected Kunak Cloud package, except for the account management part (user and sub-organization creation).


User who will only be able to visualize data, and keep track of diagnosis, operation and maintenance works.

What management tools do you need?

All the tools and possibilities of the Kunak Cloud platform are divided into three independent packages that you can hire, allowing you to adapt the Cloud to your specific requirements. These packages will be associated independently with each of the monitoring network team. Thus, every user will have the tools available in the package or packages hired for them. In this way, you can have users with different packages for the same organization, and therefore, team users with different tools. The packages are divided into:
  • Starter Package: basic package in which you can visualize in a simplified way the data obtained, as well as configure the devices and the threshold alarms for each of the application parameters.
  • Technical Operation & Service Package: this package will make easier for you to operate and maintain the sensor network with an advanced program for early events detection, warnings, and advice on how to resolve them. It also includes an advanced maintenance management system with automatic reports on the activities carried out and a simple sensor calibration and adjustment tool.
  • Advanced Air Quality Analytics Package: advanced graphic tools with Open Air functionalities, simple data validation and automatic reporting tool.

What tools does Kunak Cloud comprise?

All these tools facilitate the maintenance, operation, calibration, and analysis necessary for the proper functioning of air quality sensor networks. In any case, there is the possibility of hiring the tools to facilitate the work or, on the contrary, hiring the complete service. These tools are divided into the three packages mentioned above:

Starter Package:




  • Standard time display of data and calculation of basic statistics.
  • Remote configuration of the device: possibility of configuring from the Cloud the sampling periods, the sending periods of the devices, etc.
  • Configuration of warnings when applied thresholds are exceeded: possibility of remotely configuring warnings to email when thresholds are exceeded.
  • API Rest: easy way to integrate data into any platform or SCADA.
  • Data export: export data and graphics in CSV and TXT.
  • Device geolocation in map.
  • Automatic data pre-invalidation by problem detection.

Operation & Service Package:




  • Calibration and adjustment: a tool for calibration and adjustment of the baseline (zero value) and span (high concentration value) of gases and correction factor for particles.
  • CMMS: computerised maintenance management system with logbook and operation reports.
  • Operation Alarm configuration: automatic alerts to warn about system faults with diagnosis and advice for their solution.

Advanced Air Quality Analytics Package:




  • AQI tool: calculation of the European and USA air quality index as well as time trends over time.
  • Data validation: a simple tool for invalidating data or data periods.
  • Analysis tool: advanced analysis system with Open Air statistics and graphs (pollution calendars, time trends, comparison and correlation graphs, pollution roses, etc).
  • Data import: possibility of including data from other systems in CSV.
  • Automatic reports: automatic reporting tool for networks or individual devices.







Computerized maintenance management system

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