What is Kunak Air Pro? - Air quality monitoring system

What is Kunak AIR Pro?

Kunak AIR Pro is a sensor-based air quality monitoring station.
Kunak AIR Pro keeps the advantages of size and cost compared with a reference station but trying to as accurate as a reference station.

After 7 years designing and deploying small air quality stations all over the world, we have created the new Kunak AIR Pro, a huge evolution of our previous sensor-based air quality monitoring station designed to solve all the lifecycle challenges of an air quality product, its operation and maintenance, as well as the need of every environmental project.

Its multipollutant cutting-edge design includes environmental sensors as well as connectors for external weather sensors or probes which, together with its solar panel operation and real-time wireless data transmission makes the Kunak AIR Pro the most advanced air quality monitoring station on the market.


Easy & Fast installation

Set up in less than 10 minutes with visual diagnosis in a built-in display.

Cartridges system

Replace and combine cartridges with a plug & play system.

Proven accuracy

Designed for type approval & certification.

Easy calibration

Adjust the baseline and span remotely.

Air quality platform

Visualize, analyse and manage your data in the cloud.

Multi pollutant

Measure up to 5 gases and particulate matter at once.

Fully autonomous

Autonomous operation with its built-in battery and solar panel.

Real-time data

Access to your data and alarms in real-time.

Add environmental sensors

Connect wind, rain, noise, and other sensors.

Kunak Air Pro includes a base-station and a new cartridge system which integrates the pollutants sensors and its electronics.

The data monitored by the Kunak Air Pro is send in real-time through GPRS, 3G, 4G or ethernet to our Kunak Cloud, for data management and remote configuration of the station.

Data architecture

New technology: Smart Gas Cartridges

Kunak AIR Pro is a sensor-based Station designed to measure up to 5 gases and PM at the same time. It is a sensor-based station equipped with five slots to insert Smart gas cartridges, which solve many of the known issues of sensor technology: sensor variability, factory and field calibration, automatic data invalidation, sensor replacement, network operation and maintenance work.

Kunak’s Smart Gas Cartridges ensure measurement control throughout the life cycle of each sensor, making the Kunak AIR Pro more sustainable and our customers’ lives easier.

Traceable QC & QA

Each cartridge is calibrated and validated individually in lab against traceable reference standards.

Endless combinations

Combine the Parameters freely. Reuse and scale your basestations at your own pace.

Plug & Play

Simply take the old one out and replace easily with the new one, on the field. Be back online in 2'.

Gas & Plug Technology (patent pending)

All the cartridges have the same size and fit in any of the five available sockets. Inside the cartridge, we install the sensor and its electronics that store all information: type, age and factory calibration.

When you plug the new cartridge, the base-station just reads the information, configures itself and starts working.

Kunak Cloud logo

An advanced platform for air quality networks remote management and noise levels analysis.

Our web-based air quality monitoring software, Kunak Cloud, helps environmental professionals to use and understand air quality data and delivers operational environmental intelligence to make informed decisions.

Thanks to our bidirectional software, Kunak Cloud offers professionals a new way to handle remote settings configuration, alarms management, calibration, and field operations.

Kunak Cloud is a flexible modular software suite designed for easy user account management, easy network operation, easy data validation, easy analysis, and reporting. Secure your clients’ satisfaction with scalability and 3rd party integration via API rest.







Computerized maintenance management system

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