About kunak - Ambient, noise and air quality monitoring systems

About Kunak

What do we do?

We at Kunak create air quality control and monitoring end-to-end solutions designed to capture environmental data and to remotely control infrastructures and equipment. We work for various Industries including Environmental Organisations, Utilities, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Smart Products and Industrial-IoT.

Our goal is to help our clients capture critical, accurate and real-time information, helping them make decisions, create added-value, monetize their resources, anticipate risks and operate their business more efficiently.

We design and manufacture the Hardware, Communications, Software, Cloud Services and the integration with the client´s systems.

End-to-end IoT system


Help build a connected world to optimize resources and processes, avoid wastage of raw materials and natural resources, and predict and anticipate realities.


  • Technological excellence
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Creation of added-value
  • Social and environmental awareness
  • Customer focussed
  • Continuous learning
  • Teamwork
  • Motivation


Means “the one who advises or the adviser” in the Quechua language (Peru).


We are a young team with more than 60 years of accumulated experience in Telecommunications, Software, Hardware, Project Management, Product Management, International Trade, Marketing and Communications. We are passionate about our work, we are continuously learning and we love new challenges.

Our strengths

  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Immediacy
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Ecology
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

Prizes and awards

Note: Kunak Technologies operated under the name Green Wave Technologies between 2012 and 2015

  • Phase 2 of the SME Instrument Program of Horizon 2020 in 2018 for the K-Smart Environment project.
  • Phase 1 of the SME Instrument Program of Horizon 2020 in 2015 for the Sensing Anywhere IIoT Ultra-Energy Efficient project.
  • Classification of the Kunak Project as a “Modern Project”.
  • XXI 2014 Entrepreneur Prize, Navarra, from La Caixa and the Spanish National Innovation Company. Entrepreneur XXI is currently the most renowned national Spanish award for innovative companies.
  • TIC Cluster Award of Navarra ATANA 2014, for the best Innovative Project of ICT Company of Navarra.
  • Ideactiva 2011 Award, Navarra, for innovative business ideas awarded by the CEIN, Navarre Innovation Business Centre, and the Government of Navarra.
  • Register of Green Wave Technologies in the Census of Entrepreneurs by the Government of Navarra.


Esta empresa/organismo ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Gobierno de Navarra y el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Navarra.

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