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International Workshop on Low-cost sensors for environment monitoring

Join us in Toulouse!
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Next week we will be attending the International Workshop on Low-cost sensors for environment monitoring. 

Cities and businesses more than ever need reliable, real-time information about air quality, noise pollution and industrial emissions to both guarantee their citizens’ quality of life and to protect the environment.

We at Kunak will help you define and obtain the information you need, integrating it into your system easily, quickly and securely.

KUNAK ENVIRONMENT 4.0 systems monitor Air Quality, Industrial Emissions, Noise Pollution and other environmental factors through fast-deploying wireless devices, providing high value information for decision making, with excellent precision and at a cost that is 30 times lower than with other methods of reference.

When: 20-21 May

Where: Toulouse, France

Miguel Escribano, Business Devolpment Manager at Kunak, will be presenting on 21st at 12:00  “Raise awareness for health effects of air pollution among athletes and recreational runners”.

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