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Kunak Technologies becomes the supplier of air quality sensors for the new BrightSites Smart Poles by Signify

Signify presents its new BrightSites Smart Poles, a new smart street lamps that will include technology developed by Kunak Technologies
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In the last edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC19) held in Barcelona last November, with the aim of boosting smart cities and meeting connectivity needs, the company Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) presented its new BrightSites Smart Poles, a new smart street lamps that will include technology developed by Kunak Technologies ( for noise measurement and air quality monitoring in urban environments among other technologies that will enable the infrastructure of smart cities.

In recent years, public spaces are having a very intense and high-speed digital transformation and wireless broadband is becoming more and more necessary for the development of smart cities.

With these new BrightSites Smart Poles, Signify offers a solution that drives the habitability of cities, connectivity and the implementation of LED technology, turning an obsolete structure of cities into an asset.

BrightSites Smart Poles by Signify
BrightSites smart poles by Signify
BrightSites smart poles by Signify

This BrightSites smart pole incorporates a wide range of IoT solutions, including sensors for environmental monitoring, cameras and security options such as incident detection. At the same time, it incorporates energy-efficient LED lighting solutions while respecting and integrating into the urban environment.

What Signify proposes is a product that integrates the most current wireless connectivity for the entire city while respecting the urban landscape, allowing cities to be positioned as leaders in innovation. In addition, it includes environmental monitoring sensors such as air quality, noise and incident detection and that will collect data to support decisions that can improve urban conditions.

These smart poles are already being installed in various cities around the world such as San José in California or Hospitalet in Spain, and their intention for the coming years is to extend to many more cities around the world.

The new BrightSites Smart Poles, with greater IoT capabilities, represents a further step in the evolution of public lighting, which has gone from being a basic municipal service to being a dynamic data exchange node to boost the generation of new revenues, becoming a centre of wireless connectivity, as well as environmental monitoring point. This ability to offer new services, such as telecommunications and advertising, can also be a new source of revenue for municipalities.