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Brand new Air Quality network up and ready for local authorities

Last friday, the last units of Kunak AIR where installed in the Municipality of Rivas Vaciamadrid, a bedroom city, 20km away from Madrid, Spain.
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The city has received funds from the European Commission, to deploy and operate technologies that can be helpful to design and develop a more sustainable Smart City. Rivas has only one Reference Station, owned by Regional Government, but the city faces some particular problems, such as odours, that required the deployment of more SO2 sensors, along with wind and speed direction. Also, more spacially detailed information about NOx was required by the Environmental and Traffic Department for better operation and planning of local resources.

Another 6 units will be installed onto police cars, with an outstanding new enclosure design that solves many of the problems of mobile monitoring such as pressure transients and temperature issues.

The data is sent to KunakCloud, with an ethernet connection connected to an LTE wireless communications modem. The project has solved both challenges:

  • How to integrate an Industrial IoT solution in an existing infrastructure
  • How to deploy a network that is affordable, owned by the city and operated by specialists

The Project has gained the attention of the Smart City sector and was included in the Book of Communications of the las Congress for Smart Cities, Madrid June 2018. Follow the link for more info: