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What is happening with air quality in Mexico City?

Mexico City activated the extraordinary environmental contingency plan on Tuesday
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Mexico City authorities activated the extraordinary environmental contingency plan on Tuesday.

The Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (Came) said  that more than 20 fires that the city is suffering in the last two days have increased pollution levels becoming a threat to public health

The activation of the plan reinforces the precautionary measures for citizenship. Recommendations include staying indoors or avoiding outdoor activity. In addition, the circulation of vehicles has been limited. For Mexico City, this situation of environmental crisis is not new. So far in 2019, the plan has been activated up to five times in the city due to the large presence of ozone and particles.

The IAAF anticipates the environmental crisis

As part of the IAAF’s continued pilot programme to measure air quality at stadiums around the world, the athletics track at the Mexican Olympic Sports Center (CDOM) had an air quality monitor installed last January.

The ultimate aim of the programme is to develop an air quality monitoring network linking 1000 IAAF-certified tracks around the world. Carlos Padilla Becerra, President of the Mexican Olympic Committee, recognised that with that installation of that air quality monitor it will be possible to have the scientifically supported data to certify the quality of the air and to know if the environmental conditions are appropriate for the athletes to carry out their activities.

“Looking after the health of our athletes, and the community in general, is not only an ideal but now – thanks to science and technology – it is a reality,” he said.

Example to other Federations

On the other hand, the Mexican football league has decided to postpone the first leg of the first-division semi-final between Leon and Mexico City club America from Wednesday night to Thursday because of the pollution.  a blanket of smog enveloped the sprawling capital.

Headaches, red eyes and cough have been some of the visible symptoms that players are suffering during these days.

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